I'm looking for advice and guidance from all the vets on this site. About 4 years ago i started listening to edm on and off, then about 2 years ago a friend of mine gave me an extra ticket to go to an event and so i went with him, and i ended up falling in love with the culture and music and, about a year ago i decided that I wanted to see the work that goes into producing, and mixing. So out of impulse and lack of knowledge and bad advice I went out and just bought the first thing I could find a mixtrack pro. I went into this telling myself that i would not buy another controller unless i had made the decision that this was going to be more then a hobby. so after a long year of practicing, learning, reading forums on mixing, listening to mixes, and going to shows I have decided that this is something I want to pursue. So what i'm asking for is help on whats the best bang for your buck as far as gear goes. I mix edm, ranges all over from the various forums of house to trap, to hardstyle. money that im working with is about 1300 but i do plan to add more gear later on. i would like to get a controller that works well with traktor Almost bought the s4 but then i read all over here the mk2 was coming out so i held back. any help really would be much appreciated, and also very brand new to these forums i think this is my second post so if this is in the wrong section forgive me. If i have left out anymore details please let me know, im looking for a full setup something that could one day be used for like a road gig for like parties and what not. thanks again for any help its much appreciated.