My current Dilemma...
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    Hey guys, I'm new to the forums(and new to djing in general) and I had a question regarding a decision. I know its never good to let others make decisions for you, but I just wanted some input/advice to make the smart purchase. I am new to Djing and I have been working with Traktor from the get-go and really enjoy it. Now, my dilemma is should I get the Pioneer DDJ-SR or Kontrol s2 MK2? Personally I'm leaning towards the SR because I love the option of having 8 hot cues at my command, and the controller seems to be built to last. But, I have never used Serato before and what I have seen from it does not appeal to me. I know eventually the SR can be mapped to Traktor, but it won't be native to it like the s2. I also think the new s2 looks great. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    I think it to the function of the work-flow and software integration. Personally I find the S2 is cleaner and simpler, moreover its plug and play with your traktor. I am pretty there will be a lot of mapping gurus that will be make maps for the new S2. But then again you would to have 8 cues, which the S2 falls short on

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    I'd say, get the s4 mk1 and eventually an f1 for cue points. Better than SR and s2mk2.
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    With the S4, you also have the option of using all 8 cue points (no need to buy an F1) rather than 4 cue points/4 loops. It's an option in one of the menus in preferences.

    Get a used S4MK1 as suggested. You won't be disappointed.

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    Personally i think get an S2 mk2 and down the line add an X1 mk1 or X1 mk2.

    I been djing 20 years and still find 4 hotcues to be be plenty... if you really need the extra buttons then an X1 mk1 set to hotcue mode will have you well and truely covered
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