Where to start mixing.
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    Default Where to start mixing.

    Just bought a mixtrack pro 2 and it will arrive in a few days. Im a noob and have been doing research via you tube and forums on getting started.

    -What software would be the most user friendly to get into mixing? (serato intro is included)
    -Does anyone recomend any other hardware other than my controller laptop and headphones. Im into trap and rap. Id like to learn how produce my own trap and id like to break into this by learning how to mix tracks.

    Any particular advice is appreciated though i have read most stickies and have filled my head with many videos.

    where does one start

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    Never used Serato myself but it seems easy to use... my advice would be stick with that off the start and then when you know the style / features you want to use it'll help you pick a software. I personally use Traktor Pro which can be pretty complicated but the screen can be customised to only show the basics. And as far as production goes I have the Maschine Mikro (keepin it NI) which is pretty awesome and can also be used to trigger samples and stuff in your software. But seeing as you're new to the game it's best to get comfortable with your controller and software, don't add to your setup until you can basically use the controller to its full potential.

    Oh and trap and hip-hop

    Traktor also has a nice internal recorder, I made this trap mix http://www.mixcrate.com/djpurp/trap-mix-274213 with just Traktor and my S2 and recorded it internally.

    Hope that somewhat helps!

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    you already started just buy buying your controller and reading/watching about djing.

    to know more about the software, just download the demo. there's one for every software out there. if you like it, then buy it. serato intro is a good software to start, since its free with your controller. I think there is an upgrade option for that.

    also get a pair of speakers/monitor if you want. but that's about enough for now to get you started.

    anyways, welcome to djtt and have fun!
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    thanks man im stoked to get into it

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