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    Default X1+z1

    I tend to play at a lot of house parties and sometimes I do not have the ability to increase the output level of my twitch.

    It has been a problem once or twice but it is not a problem I want to deal with anymore. I started looking at other controllers.

    I need an ultra lightweight setup, plastic construction is a must. Seeing as I already have an X1 mk1 for my DVS setup at home, after some thinking I decided to take a gamble on the Z1.

    After having used it for a night I have to say that this Z1+X1 combo is a match made in heaven.

    Lightweight, USB powered, decent volume output. I never really did any manual beatmatching with the twitch anyway. I found rotary pitch control to be completely unintuitive and pretty useless, may as well just press the sync button because turning a knob while looking a the bpm read out is about as skilful.

    The biggest loss is the performance pads but I think if I invested in an F1 it would make up for that. I did a size comparison and basically X1+Z1+F1 is the same size as a twitch.

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    Default x1 + z1 vs twitch

    Hey Kaek

    I have been using the Twitch for the past 8 months and have been loving it aside from a bunch of issues with serato.

    My Twitch was recently stolen and I am now considering getting the X1 and Z1.

    I was just wondering how you find the set up compared to the twitch in terms of loop rolls, hot cues and adjusting bpms etc?

    would you recommend the X1 + Z1 combo as a replacement for the Twitch?

    Thanks for the post

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    I have an X1 Mk1, so realise that if you buy the Mk2 its not exactly the same experience as me.

    The mk1 and mk2 in my opinion has good loop control. Probably not as easy as the twitch with the performance pads but still pretty easy. I think to replicate the loop roll feature you need flux mode? The Mk2 has a flux mode button to make this easy.

    Hot cues are kind of annoying on the Mk1 as you need to switch modes to access them, but thats like switching performance pad modes on the twitch. The mk2 has dedicated hot cue buttons but you only get 4 instead of 8.

    Adjusting BPM is done with two buttons on the mk1 and I think (not 100% sure on this) it is done with the touchpad on the mk2.
    In either case in my opinion it is easier to just press the sync button on the x1 and the twitch. I prefer using a fader for adjusting bpm, I don't like knobs or buttons to adjust bpm.

    I'm thinking of upgrading to the X1 Mk2 since I think the changes would really suit working with the Z1 and yes I would recommend the X1+Z1 combo.

    One of the better things about the X1 is the FX control. Serato in my opinion really messed up FX controls with Serato DJ but the FX sounded terrible with itch.

    In the end I think you get less functionality with the X1+Z1 but its not a whole lot less and you gain in other areas.

    If you stick with the Twitch though, I am selling mine atm, details are in the Buy Sell forum

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