APC40 tempo change help!!
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    Default APC40 tempo change help!!

    Hope this is the right spot in the forum...

    Is there a way to automatically change tempos anywhere from say 140-108 (or anything) by naming the scene columns 140BPM, instead of the master channel? I don't like having 20 or so songs right next to each other, and on top of each other, just to be able to transition to another tempo flawlessly. i'd like to be able to have all my tracks in columns and automatically switch, so I could have a mixing style like say, Zeds Dead and bounce around genres/tempos with really noticing. Hope someone understands.

    I mix in key and organize everything by genre too, using the colors, so take that into consideration.

    Or is there another solution?


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    You can make clips change tempo using naming features with ClyphX.

    Combined with follow actions, you can play tempo changing tracks super easy too!

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    Any way to do this within ableton?

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    Could I just rename my songs in session view with 140bpm at the beginning, an have it auto adjust when it's launched? Or am i really gonna have a hundred different songs with master channels renamed? I'm not near my computer and I'm dying to know.

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