Remix Deck Sample Killing All Audio???
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    Default Remix Deck Sample Killing All Audio???

    So a rather unique thing has happened. I loaded up the 808 Kick 1 from one of the old Sample/Remix Deck samples I had laying around. It's a one-shot. Was hoping to combine it with a snare and layer some custom beats over hip-hop tracks. However when I played it, I got a horrible pop from the speakers/mixer, and no audio plays out of Traktor. Trying this when disconnecting my mixer and going straight laptop speakers does the same thing. The only way to get audio running again is to shut off the mixer, close Traktor, and then open it again and turn the mixer back on.

    This problem does not happen with any other samples, just the 808 Kick one-shot. Anyone had a similar problem and know how to fix it? Any input would be appreciated.
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    1) Be certain the sample you are using is an mp3 or even better a WAV file.
    2) Watch the tutorial on how to adjust the volume/gain of each CELL individually in a remix deck via the tutorial video.
    Im at work and dont have the link or a controller near me
    but if i remember correctly on an F1, you would hit a sample slot, and while its playing, hold SHIT + move the volume fader DOWN to the desired level. repeat same to RAISE it if its too low
    then RELEASE the shift.

    If you do NOT have an F1, i would suppose you can make sure the VOLUME sliders are visable in tracktor and adjust them with your mouse. Again, im not home so i cant say 100% that this is the same case you are having trouble with.
    Sorry if its not

    A huge POP is commonly caused by an over load of audio or a bad file that a program doesnt understand so you soundcard just barfs out whatever kinda digital info

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