New DJ joining to start getting some feedback!
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    Default New DJ joining to start getting some feedback!

    Hey guys! My name's Justin "Trueform" from the grand old state of Massachusetts. I hope this is the right place for introductions? I just started getting into electronic music last year but it made appearances in my life beforehand I just shrugged them off. When I was 14 my uncle used to be a Gabber dj and as such when I would go over my grandparents place he'd be constantly spinning. I always thought it sounded so sick but I never really looked into the music any deeper since I was in my "Metal" music phase and didn't care about much else. It again made an appearance with blowing up of dubstep here in the states a few years back where I was introduced to Skream, Rusko, Caspa, Datsik etc. Again I thought this music was sick but I was into my whole "Hardcore Punk" stage so while I had a few songs on my Ipod it was never the majority of my listening experience.

    Fast forward to last year I finally went to my first live electronic event, a local rave, and had the time of my life. Since that night my life has been revolving around electronic music. Dubstep, dutch house, drumstep, electro, it was like my music world exploded. Discovering new genres, digging for new tunes, trying to figure out how djs do what they do. A few weeks after the event a friend of my brought his vinyl set-up over my other friends apartment and let me mess around on the decks. I was in love once I figured out the basics and knew this is something I needed to be doing/learning. That week I ordered a MIDI controller, drumpad, speakers, headphones, and Serato and started my journey as a DJ.

    At first the controller just sat around as I needed to search for tracks, tag them, organize them, etc. Once in a while I'd just mess around practicing the basics and such but most of the time I've had my equipment i've been preparing. I just started seriously trying to practice semi-regularly last month and can see progress every day I get to practice. I currently like to spin Dubstep/Drumstep, Moombah/Midtempo, and Electro/Dutch house. I'm still experimenting and gaining skills but a lot of people have told me the best thing you can do is join forums and let other people help!

    So that's why I'm here guys, feel free to send me mixes you want feedback on or just to say hi!

    P.S. I just put together this mix the other night just so when I signed up I would have something material, I'll link to the thread once I post it! ( should be up there soon
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    Welcome back! Another Masshole, too funny, I live right outside of Worcester. I've def had those nights after a long hiatus that sucked me back in too, after going to my first rave 16 years ago and then a couple years later also djing taking breaks has def been needed from time to time. I actually stopped spinning out or going to events earlier this year (other than to see Andy C in Boston 2 weeks ago lol) so chances are, ironically given our location, we won't cross paths other than on here. Still loving the music and spend all my spare time spinning, glad to see that spark has been reignited for you! Cheers

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    welcome to the site buddy
    glad to have you hear. Nice positive attitude around these parts will carry you a long way
    and most importantly it will grant you the one thing you need most right now

    true, honest, advice, with no stipulations.

    good luck gaining more ground and gathering more information on how its all done behind the decks


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