What Order to change bit depth, sample rate or format
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    Default What Order to change bit depth, sample rate or format

    Before I start I'd like to thanks those who guided me as to the best formats for ripping vinyl. Anyway here we go with another problem . Ripping vinyls using a very high end turntable/arm/cartridge combination using audio 8 DJ sound card by Native instruments and Sony Soundforge 10 for recording (got audacity but just don't like it , personal preference , sorry). I'm mastering in 24bit 96khz sample rate wave. I want to end up with 16bit 48khz 320kbs mp3. Sould i

    1) convert to 16bit 96hhz wave with dithering. Then convert to 48khz mp3
    2) change the sample rate first to 48khz then the bit depth to 16 with dither , then convert to mp3.
    Or 3) do the same as (1) but all in wave then convert to mp3
    Or 4) something I've not thought of yet.

    Any guidance would be appreciated.
    (P.S I'm converting my cd's to 320kps, 16bit 44.1khz but I think the vinyl would benefit from extra headroom. Any thoughts on this would also be appreciated)

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    If you're using Soundforge you're making it more complicated than it needs to be

    You can record in at 24/96 and then save as either a .wav or an .frg (Soundforge Project)

    I recommend saving as an .frg as your post processing is none destructive and you output the finished article by 'rendering' it

    At this point go File > Render as > Save Type as - mp3 audio

    At this point go into the 'Custom' settings and alter the bit rate to taste, move the quality slider all the way to the right and check the 'Stereo' field

    Add any ID3 tags you want hit ok and save

    Soundforge has a really good engine and on the highest quality settings it will work out the dithering for you

    Far better to go from the lossless version straight to the 320kb/s mp3 than take any steps in between

    Lastly only pristine vinyl gets up past 20Khz after a relatively few amount of plays that top end can drop very quickly unless it's only ever been played on audiophile equipment (on a side note do you know the freq response of your carts? Are they brand new? Don't record unless they are and clean your vinyl properly beforehand)

    If you've ever taken it into a club it's screwed already no questions and maybe you don't need to worry about the extra headroom of 48kHz?

    Whatever information is there will be squashed by the 'click & crackle removal' and the noise reduction anyway - Go very gently on these it's way too easy to lose the 'energy' of the recording

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