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    Now read this in Morgan Freemans voice... because this gimmick isn't played out enough.
    The last time I posted up a mix, it was sexy as all hell, and more or less made you a lock to get lucky with the fairer sex if played within earshot. This one goes the opposite way. Think of it as dog repellant if ol' roscoe gets a little too frisky with your leg. If you are married and looking for a divorce, this mix might do it. Played at particularly loud volumes, this music might actually cause neighbors to suffer from sexual frustration in the near future do to it's ability to make you that much more unattractive. Go ahead... give it a shot you sexy devils. You deserve a break.

    It starts with Deep Tech House, goes into Dark Techno, and goes into some funkier stuff at the end. Take a listen if you might be into those sounds.
    Stream with tracklisting is here - http://www.mixcloud.com/sobi/tcno1310/
    Downloadable version is here - https://soundcloud.com/sobi-one/tcno1310
    PS - stop by my fan page and give it a like if you are into the mix.

    1-The Blue Nun
    By Beastie Boys

    2-Come Together (What Is House) Feat.Felicia (Supernova 2013 Remix)
    By DJ Pierre

    3-Spin Cycle (original mix)
    By Gene Farris

    4-Bigger Than Prince (Hot Since 82 Remix)
    By Green Velvet

    5-Beat (original mix)
    By Tina V

    6-Cinnamon Kiss (Original Mix)
    By Harvey McKay

    7-Esperanto Juggler (Original Mix)
    By Dusky

    8-Blaster (Mark Broom remix)
    By Mark Broom

    9-The New Knowing (Original mix)
    By Operator (UK)
    BVR Acid (Original Mix)

    10-BVR Acid (Original Mix)
    By Industrializer, Advent

    11-Mind Insistence (Original Mix)
    By Paul Ritch

    12-Rotor (original mix)
    By Unbalance

    13-Need House (Sasha Carassi Remix)
    By Advent

    14-Run Baby Run (Original mix)
    By Paul Ritch

    15-Maffaking (original mix)
    By Slam

    16-Razor (Original Club Mix)
    By Spartaque

    17-Sunshine (Uto Karem Remix)

    18-Reka (Original Mix)
    By Pig & Dan

    19-Shake - Original Mix
    By Harvey McKay

    20-Ms. CZ (Original Mix)
    By David G

    By Pipes

    22-Get Up!
    By Masters At Work

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    It's all about the titty sprinkles

    Quote Originally Posted by Patch View Post
    Have a large glass of water and a wank. Problem solved.

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