Hi Everyone

After a couple of years break (Due to getting married and having a baby boy), I'm looking at getting back into DJing. I used to play in clubs and bars but am now looking at doing the odd mix for friends.

My current set up is an Allen & Heath Xone 62 with 2x1210s and 2xCDJ1000s. I had issues burning CDs with my computer so had a play with a demo version of Traktor 2 and saw a whole new world!

Excuse the number of questions I have but I really don't know which route to take. I am going to sell my CDJs to pay for whatever route I go down. Initially, I was looking at an S2 as the software was included but felt I may be wasting a perfectly good mixer. Would anybody recommend the S2? This system would stop me replacing my broken amp I have for my DJ set up. I can plug it into my main hi fi.

I then looked at the X1 to play alongside my mixer. If I bought a single X1, I believe I'd need a soundcard. If I bought a single X1, would I be able to just buy an Audio2 or would I need a 6?

Finally, I thought about getting 2xXone K2s as I believe I would not need a soundcard for that setup. I like the sound of having 4 decks but don't have any idea about mapping them. I have a fear that, because they're not labelled like an X1, there will be too many options and I'll get lost.