I dont often post about a live show im about to do but i finally fixed the chatroom and through you guys might want to hang during the show. Live feedback and chit chat as i go!

Today here in the New York area my show goes LIVE.
Just got a crate of some exclusive new releases for the radio station and got the O.K. to play them on this weeks show.
Tune Brothers
Diva Ice
Feri & Multi
Major Lazer
Dirty Impact

Man im lovin the lineup for today so lets go!
I been missing, doing my show for several weeks and i finally got a break this weekend.

Tune in here www.antifmradio.com
Chatroom here www.antifmradio.com/chat (no need to register, just makeup a name and skip the password)

Date - Oct 13th 2013
Time - 4pm EST
Place - online
Price - Say something nice about the show....... whats that cost? HAHA