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    Well I had a nasty incident where my laptop screen broke (long story) but its fixed now. I booted traktor for the first time since repairing the screen and I noticed traktor was corrupt. Im guessing since Traktor was live when the screen broke (it fell). Its all fixed now, but all my playlists are gone. My question being how/can you save the playlists that you create? Should I only create them in Itunes? That would be midly annoying since I only use itunes for the smart lists, anything in more depth I would prefer to do while in traktor.
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    Use the export feature to keep backups.
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    All depends what version of Traktor your on.
    For Pro :
    Make constants backups of your Collection.NML This contains all your playlists.
    Despite the Export To Itunes feature having being removed you can drag all the tracks from a Traktor Playlist to an iTunes Playlist and make a copy. Worth doing as a backup and then also you can burn the tunes to MP3 CD for a live backup incase the laptop goes down and you can switch to CDJS.

    For T3:
    You can simply make back ups of the playlist.nmls that are in the Playlist Folder.

    In Previous versions of Traktor you can (as mentioned) use the Export To iTunes feature which was really handy and i wish they would bring back.


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