Hi everyone!

I'm a music producer and Dj from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I don't have much of a club career, been focusing more on production, Im an Ableton teacher at University here.

So, I'm looking for fresh tunes so as to escape the Beatport tops and include some obscure underground sounds into my mixes. Im looking for anything in the following genres:

.Deep House
.Tech House
.Progressive (NOT EDM!)

If you'd like to send me your tracks to my mail I will be gratefull. I'm planning on making monthly mixes, and one of your tracks could be there!

Also if I happen to play at party I will always let you know if I played your track, how it sounded and how the people liked it!

Please send me a download link with a 320kbps version to maxflugelman@gmail.com

check out my soundcloud.

Looking forward to hearing lots of great songs!