Beats played related functions? in Traktor Pro 1.2
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    Default Beats played related functions? in Traktor Pro 1.2

    EDIT: should have gone in another section, my fault.)
    EDIT2: thxs Camus

    Hello guys,
    almost total noob here, and after several searches and days passing, I cant' find the answer I'm looking for.

    My issue is:
    I want to engage a 4 beats loop by triggering a button, but I want this loop to be active (played) a defined number of times. And I only want to use one button for that (yes I can see or count 8,16,32 in case your wondering). But I cant' find the correct parameters in the midi mapping section of Traktor.

    But that comes to my real issue I would like with the same triggering of button (only one action that would have all the action chained in fact):
    set a loop of 4 - plays once
    go back to the 'loop in' point
    set lenght of the loop to half - plays twice
    go back to the 'loop in' point - plays four times, etc, etc....

    I'm asking as after mapping all my basic functions I would like to know what I could or not do (well, in a sense). I've already set up chained action linked to Fx and paramaters as an example but it seems I'm not able to find a way to link some functions to a defined laps of "beat bars".

    (I'm currently using a Xone 1d and a 2d)

    I'll appreciate any help or thought on the case.
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    you cant do that

    if you want to do something special , just edit your track , with ableton live.

    but a loop is a loop and will stay looped until you push a button to trigger another action.

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    You can by using Bomes Midi Translator. Google for it.

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