[Deep House] Levels are tight in this mix! For those DEEP house lovers!
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    Default Levels are tight in this mix! For those DEEP house lovers!

    Really happy with the mastering and EQ work here. Came out way more satisfactory than we wanted. Give 'er a listen, will ya??!

    A bit of that UK feel near the beginning with some Sccucci Manucci tracks & a chord-driven track from The Golden Boy - things end up in that deep house sound defined by Terry Lee Brown Jr. and Ross Couch.

    1. Marcus Aeriulus - Hardy's Encore
    2. Omar - Lay It Down (Booker T Kings of Soul Fatter Drums Edit)
    3. Cassio Kohl - Keep On
    4. The Golden Boy - Won't Do It
    5. Detroit Swindle - Brotherman
    6. Alex Blaxx - It's A Race Thing
    7. Matt Sanchez - Press Line
    8. Datamode - Running Back (Terry Lee Brown Jr. Remix)
    9. Fabien Kamb - Brown Sugar (Ross Couch Remix)
    10. Ross Couch - Sounds Like Summer
    11. Arco - Melody Of Love (Lucas Keizer Remix)
    12. Christian Alvarez & Marck Jamz - Only You (Soledrifter Dubstrumental)

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    Hey, really enjoyed this mix. Golden Boy really stands out in the first part of the mix (in a good way of course) and also Ross Couch - Sounds Like Summer, that was awesome
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    I like how you've thrown Detroit swindle in there man! very nice if your looking for something even darker/deeper check out my mix man

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