DJ Troha (Ross Troha) has been an avid fan of all styles of Trance, ranging from progressive trance to the fastest Goa, for nearly ten years and mixing it for half that. He is currently specializing in Trance from the late 90's/early 2000's and goa/psy in hopes of re-exposing listeners to music forgotten over the years.

DJ Troha presents, in affiliation with Electronic Enlightenment and ToyMaker Music, Journey to Barnyard Boogie 12. DJ Troha's latest mix that portrays his current interests in electronic music, made especially for this year's Barnyard Boogie.

Barnyard Boogie is in its 12th year and is going strong as one of the last surviving raves. This year is the one of the biggest with 16 hours of music and 55 different acts on 5 stages which will include every genre under the sun. Check it out below.

This mix is comprised mostly of old school Goa tracks that are extremely melodic. Starting off is a sample from the TV show, Twin Peaks, setting the mood for something mysterious, tense and odd. The mix then builds in energy before it gets to "Possessed" where it takes a step down, then continues on to an epic ending that is "Electra."

Please listen to this mix with headphones as there are a lot of immersive sounds to take you on an amazing, sonic, journey.

DJ Troha -

Artwork: Joe Frasher

Mastering: Split Zero

1. Intro (Twin Peaks)
2. Electric Universe One Love
3. Astral Projection Anything Is Possible
4. Ra R.O.M.
5. Khetzal Narayana
6. Astral Projection Soundform
7. Astral Projection Flying Into a Star
8. MFG Sunshine
9. Man With No Name Possessed
10. Goasia From Other Spaces
11. Ubar Tmar - Transformer Synthesizer
12. Goasia - Love & Peace
13. Mindsphere Wasted Years
14. Pleiadians - Electra