I am currently studying music business and as part of the course I am setting up an events company/record label along with two classmates.

We are thinking outside of the booth and would love any ideas or thoughts

We are currently working under the idea of playing only music which is available for free.

We are hoping to find some amazing new DJs and Producers and bring them to the front of the dancefloor

We have released a promo mix which has 10 amazing tracks, all of which are available for free.

We have booked our first night and this is where we need ideas?

We want to connect the audience to the artists in the most accessible way possible.

We hope to do this by using a variety of social media tools including soundcloud, twitter DJ and Mixfy/UStream Etc

What we want is for people who attend our event to be able to receive a twitter feed containing track ID and download links to the song that is being played along with relavant links to the artists page etc