hercules rmx sound card quality
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    Default hercules rmx sound card quality

    hey tech guru's.

    its been a while since i looked into sound card tech. but getting back into dj'ing has obviously made me think about these things.

    now i want to preface by saying i have NO ISSUES with sound quality right now. i was just looking into things for my own personal education here.

    anyway i found this thread over at the hercules forums with technical information on the rmx's sound card and i was wondering if the information and opinions seem correct to you guys based on the hardware.

    heres what they were saying....

    Quote Originally Posted by hercules forums
    The audio codec in DJ Console Rmx is a Wolfson WM8770.

    It is a 24-bit / 192 KHz codec with
    - a digital to analog converter (DAC) Signal to Noise Ratio of 106dB (A weighted at 48KHz),
    - an analog to digital converter (ADC) Signal to Noise Ratio of 102dB (A weighted at 48KHz).


    The second 24-bit / 192KHz stereo ADC (coming in addition to the ADC integrated in WM8770) is a Wolfson WM8781 whose signal to noise ratio is also 102 dB (A weighted at 48KHz).

    The quality of the codec and the additional ADC are excellent.

    Quote Originally Posted by hercules forums
    For latency reasons, DJ audio interfaces operate only up to 44.1-48KHz, even if the hardware has higher capabilities.
    - Serato Scratch Live operates up to 48KHz (http://www.scratchlive.net/about/scratchlive/)
    - Torq Connectiv operates up to 48KHz (http://www.m-audio.com/products/en_us/TorqConectiv.html)
    - ESI Maya 44 USB, U46DJ, U46XL operate up to 48KHz (http://www.esi-audio.com/products/?m=23)

    DJ Console Rmx WM8770 codec is a 24-bit / 192 KHz, but the DJ Console Rmx plays audio files only up to 16-bit / 24-bit in 44.1KHz and 48KHz, since playing higher resolutions would not be useful for DJing (as higher resolutions files would be slower to load in the DJ software, and as the buffers would be bigger, it would increase the latency which is not good for live performance).
    Quote Originally Posted by hercules forums
    Big DJs mix either with
    - vinyl discs (then the sound is not digital, so Khz and bits are not relevant to measure it)
    - CDs : then the sound is sampled in 16-bit / 44.1KHz
    - audio files extracted from CDs : then the sound is still sampled in 16-bit / 44.1KHz
    - audio files extracted from DVDs: then the sound is either sampled in 16-bit / 48 KHz or 24-bit / 48 KHz.

    So yes, the Rmx audio quality is good enough to mix in clubs or festival.
    What you must check is that the output level of your audio source (Rmx or analog mixer) matches the input level required by the amplifier or patch-bay to which you are connected (to avoid saturation), that you have no ground loop (to avoid noise), and your computer and your amplifier are connected to the ground (to avoid growing differences of potential, which can be dangerous and create discharges similar to electro-static discharge but due to the difference of potential between the different devices you use.
    again just looking for an independent verification of the information given here. i.e. im just curious how good this thing really is given how little it costs.

    thanks guys

    - me

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    I've used it in clubs with decent systems and the sound quality is passable. The audio is a bit muddy but the only people that have really noticed are a few other djs. Highs and lows are a little bit weak compared to an SL1 but for the most part unless you are play a very high end club, you can get away with it.
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    Ive been using it and find that if the mixer youre plugged into is good the sound is decent. Im now using the audio2 and holy shit its so much better. So yeah herc is good for starters, but if you plan on DJing on a serious level you need to bring gear to match.
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