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    Has anybody got any first hand experience of Sennheiser HD8’s?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patch View Post
    Has anybody got any first hand experience of Sennheiser HD8’s?
    Also interested. I saw these a while back and loved the construction, but was unable to demo the sound.
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    Default headphones for life

    I've used SEnnheiser HD25 for years now, I've had couple of pairs due to me leaving them on planes and such.

    my advise if your going to play in clubs by headphone that have changeable cables and pads, as these break a lot.

    Also headphones that can handle very loud music and have as much isolation as possible, theres nothing worst than not being Abe to hear or pre e.q what you want to play.

    another thing to factor in SEnnheiser HD25 have been sold for years which means you can always get parts.

    there not the most comfy of headphone if you want to use them just for listening, and may take a little time to get used to them.

    Ive looked t many headphones in my 26years of playing but still find my self buying HD25's

    Hope this helps

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