Pioneer Pioneer EFX -1000 with Tracktor and VCI-100SE ????
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    Default Pioneer Pioneer EFX -1000 with Tracktor and VCI-100SE ????

    Hi All,

    I'm getting a pioneer EFX-1000 effects unit in the next day or so, was wondering if anyone here can recommend an ideal setup of this unit to work with Traktor 3.4 and my VCI-100SE.

    At this point I was thinking of setting it up so the effects run just on the master (i.e. connected to the sound card output then out put to the monitor speakers).

    However I was wondering if there is a way to set it up utilising the send return and be able to have it work on the channel of my choice or the master? Can this be done using Traktor and internal mixing.

    Any thoughts and or suggestions would be much appreciated!

    BTW I am using an Edirol FA-66 (6in-6out sound card if this makes any difference.

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    hey whats up bro the only way i would recommend u to use this effects unit is if u connected to an external mixer to the master output and then that to the amplifiers or the speakers that u want to us and by the way why u want to spend that much money in that buy any iother effects unit like from korg or something like that!!

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