[Other] New to this site introduction & new song
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    Cool New to this site introduction & new song

    Hey got into playing synths early 2010, took about a year off so I been playing and making music for about 2 years now. Currently taking classes through Berklee Online trying to learn everything I can, I have definitely become addicted to making music and enjoy and have fun with it.

    Probably looking to primarily producing dance, dubby type music and experimental, glitchy type pretty much all of the different genres I kinda want to make, I think the next two tracks I make will be house & trap.

    I took a long 7 month break from music so have two new songs finished, probably not really peoples style but I am willing to put it out there to see what people think.

    Next song will be a House tune, anyone that follows me on soundcloud I'll follow back.

    any questions anyone has I will anwser thanks

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