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    Default Imporving my setup... which one should I buy?

    I intend to buy a new device in the end of this year... but I have some difficult to focus and I cannot decide what should I get... could you please help me to choose?

    Analog Synth -> I really would like to get an analog synth... to study and to create my own timbres... put some original thing into my music... and also.... use this to perform live. I am from Brazil... and here... the one that I could find with a reasonable price is the Arturia Minibrute.

    Kaossilator Pro+ -> I intend to prepare some live presentations and I think that this gear will be handy. And I can also use this in the music production proccess.

    Ableton Push -> As the Kaossilator... it can help me a lot in the live presentations and also in the music production proccess... the problem is that here in Brazil it is too expensive.

    I forget about the Korg Volca series (analog synths)... I also consider to take this, because here in Brazil it is not so expensive and I feel like it can be useful for also... but I think that the Arturia Minibrute would be better.

    So... what should I take? What are your opinions about these devices? Which ones do you recommend?
    I am accepting new suggestions also!

    Thanks in Advance!

    Camilo Damiao

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    I would recommend the Maschine Mk2 or Mikro Mk2. It comes with Massive, which should cover your synth needs, and the Maschine software for production.

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    Hmm, from what I've heard, Arturia's product can be a little so-and-so when it comes to quality. Although I haven't tried a Minibrute myself.
    A Maschine Mikro could be nice since it comes with Massive, a great synth-program, although a Maschine only has 16 pads so you're a bit restricted compared to having a launchpad with 64 pads or a midi-synth.

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