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    Hey guys, i want to introduce you my method of traveling the world, gaining new audience and gaining production experience. It's all about two strangers, producing together and promoting each other.

    There are two parties that need to come together to make a studiosurf happen. The host and the traveller.

    -What does the traveller?
    The traveller wants to visit another city but doesn't want to make a complete unproductive trip. He posts here where he goes and maybe one or two tracks defining his sound to find a host.

    -What does the host?
    The host offers a traveller (with matching sound) a place to stay (if needed) and of course a studio for production. A good host of course could also show the traveller the city and they could both go out for a clubnight to get some inspiration.

    -travellers can see the world for less money, because they have a place to stay.
    -it is a great way to gain audience, since to track which you both produced together will be promoted by both.
    -every producer has a different workflow, there is always something to learn
    -you could also swap gigs
    -you will maybe make the best friend of your lifetime

    Just post here where you want to go or where you can offer a place to stay AND a at least a track of yours. Look around in this thread if you look for somebody and get into contact.

    The platform swapdjs tries to establish a platform for this service but is still in beta, but maybe you want to check that one too.

    PS: My original post, i'm searching right now:

    My planned destinations are London (again ^^) in january and amterdam something around march.

    I'm a DJ/Producer from Frankfurt, Germany.

    Here my most recent track, but if you are interested check my profile:

    PS: i would also love to do some hiphop.
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    We'll I just read all about couchsurfing haha, and if anything like people say it is.....well I'm joining!

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    mate, i'm glad you like the idea.

    I have been trying hard now to find at least somebody to do a spontaneous collab. Tough challenge. It's hard to find first, somebody in the location you are searching (right now through random surfing through soundcloud), second somebody with music you like, (even harder searching through soundcloud), and last the toughest challenge, getting their interest into a little project.

    I also don't know any other community-platform except for soundcloud to search for musicians, but it's still not very efficient.

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    I think this would be pretty cool... I'm in London and have a cool little home studio, tho I live at my parents house in London. So you would be sleeping on a mattrice on the studio floor..... Lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Superfreak View Post
    I think this would be pretty cool... I'm in London and have a cool little home studio, tho I live at my parents house in London. So you would be sleeping on a mattrice on the studio floor..... Lol
    Hey mate, thanks for the reply! I have already send you a PM, so you might wanna check that one ^^
    Tomorrow i will edit the entry post, so people might also use this thread to studiosurf a bit. (at least until i might make platform for it)

    PS: i will be in berlin in february, so if anybody wants to do some music together, just write ^^

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    Default SwapDJs

    Hey, I am also really into travelling. Due to fact that I was hitch-hiking a lot around the Europe few years ago, I strongly support travelers communities like hospitality club or coachsurfing. Recently, during my common web research, I had found very interesting website - The website is still during beta testing, but I see it very promising. As far as I can see, ideas standing behind HC spread into dj world. SwapDJs is a platform for DJ's/artists to swap around the world to play parties, for promoters to announce vacant space in their gig line-up and for producers to establish some studio cooperation. You may find this website usefull.

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