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Thread: Hardstyle :)

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    Default Hardstyle :)

    Hey here is a Hardstyle mix i just recently made.

    I had a lot of fun making it and i thought it was a really good mix. but then when i re listen to it it doesnt sound as good and pretty bad in some parts. Is there any tricks you guys use in preparing a mix or actually playing a mix.

    I also find when im making a mix i get really nervous like im gunna wreck it like 10 minutes in and have to start again. Might be just ameturish things but we all started somewhere :P How did you guys get over it?
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    Default Hi :)

    Hi there, I'm going to give your Hardstyle mix a wee listen when I get home!
    I'm a Aspiring Hardstyle DJ aswell, I like your playlist from the looks of it, some good Nustyle Hardstyle in there my favourite! lol

    I know what you mean by getting nervous, I've never played out live, and don't think i'll be ready too for a good couple of years, I get quite bad stage fright and find that i'm too wired and distracted by the audience whilst also worrying about making sure I don't make any mistakes or F*ck up while mixing!

    I've tried getting over it through different ways, the best advice I could give you for beating the nerves is just to keep practising playing in front of people and DJ-ing in front of the mirror, to learn to maintain eye contact with the audience etc. The other ways I would suggest for beating the nerves may not be the most 'sensible' to post here lol, but I won't deny that those other ways don't help to some extent if you get my drift!

    Here add me & i'll get speaking 2 ya later and listen to ur mix!

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