This is my latest DJ mix, featuring over an hour of deep and dark stripped back/minimal techno. I'm really pleased with this mix and how it sounds, so I hope you enjoy it as well. This mix features music from the labels Ostgut Ton, Sandwell District, Mote Evolver and Animal Farm Records to name but a few.

1. Drown Sigha [Hotflush Recordings]
2. Range Marcel Dettmann [Ostgut Ton]
3. Manmade Norman Nodge [Beard Man]
4. Gradient II Function [Ostgut Ton]
5. Suffocate Shifted [Mote Evolver]
6. Life Cycle Marcelus [Deeply Rooted House]
7. Modifier Function [Ostgut Ton]
8. I Feel It Deep (Sandwell District Remix) Ben Sims & Tyree Cooper [Drumcode]
9. Circle 2 (Plankton Remix) Mutate [Blank Code]
10. Against The Wall Function [Ostgut Ton]
11. Darker (Shifted Remix) Audio Injection [Prosthetic Pressings]
12. Tiko David Alvarado [Estooj]
13. Kalachakra Lucy [Prologue]
14. 21 (Jonas Kopp Remix) Andrea Belluzzi [Groover Platz]
15. Synonym (Deepbass Remix) Bleak [Animal Farm Records]
16. Binary Opposition (Process 1) Phase [Token]
17. Push Marcel Dettmann [Ostgut Ton]
18. Death (Lucy Remix) Dadub [Stroboscopic Artefacts]
19. Inertia Raiz & Truncate [Droid Records]
20. Mynonys (Quail Remix) Bleak [Animal Farm Records]
21. Intolerance (Jonas Kopp Remix) Skat [Technorama Records]
22. The Strange Attractor Silent Servant [Hospital Productions]
23. Custom Illusion Manic Brothers [Drumcode]
24. Intern S100 [Stockholm LTD]
25. Excision Luis Flores [Droid Records]
26. Chicken Understood (Truncate Remix) Heiko Laux & Diego Hostettler [Kanzleramt]