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No... no laptops... I know how much cheap laptops cost but the point is that ChromeBooks 'seem' to be the most hassle free way of getting a 71 year old woman onto to internet with absolutely zero need for me to be on tap to answer questions.

Surfing - that is all she wants to do... nothing else. And the machine has to be ultra light. Auto software and virus protection updates, 7 second boot up. Who needs a Windows or Mac laptop when you have all that for about 250 and the machine is extremely light and requires no attention or phone calls in the middle of the night when she cannot get online to send hate mail to her local Tory MP.

I'd get her an iPad if she didn't dislike tablets. Chromebooks seem to me to be the laptop(ish) (in form) version of a tablet and are more sturdy that those crappy iPad keyboard extenders.

The new HP 14 looks like the one. It also has 3G so she can rack up a load of data charges in my name cus I'm gonna be paying her bill cus I'm a nice son.

Go for it We all like to slag off a local Tory MP from time to time. (In my area it's the green party).