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    Default Moving from a traditional DAW to FL...

    Hi everyone

    long time sony acid user, who has dabbled w/ logic, and now, since I got a new win 8 computer, I'm thinking about purchasing reaper (currently using the demo). i'm not so comfortable w/ step sequencing.

    however, I would like to be able to have more plugins at my disposal. FL producer edition has always appealed to me because of the ton of plugins it has, plus I would be able to continue using Poise VST, which i absolutely love as it allows me to sample mpc/maschine style w/ my midi fighter.

    any people who have made a similar change in production styles that have any opinions? or even regrets for choosing a certain production path?


    also, no recommendations for ableton please. i know everyone is on the ableton bandwagon right now, but i've tried it bundled as a demo w/ hardware and it never appealed to me.

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    Even though I have Ableton, Logic, and Studio One at my disposal, lately I've been having a lot more fun with the greatly reduced in functionality of Auria on my iPad. Nowhere near the power of the others, but just fun to mess around with and my music lately shows it.

    I say go for it, FL is cheap enough that if after awhile you're not feeling it anymore, oh well. By then you'll likely have gotten some songs out of it at least

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    If its for plug ins you looking for i wouldnt really say Fl but thats just me. any Daw your using is great and just about does the same. If you are looking for plug ins i would just stick with what your most comfortable with and save the money to buy better plug ins.

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    I have always used Cubase and Reason. 90% of the Vsts I use are free. I'd go for fruity! I haven't used it in 15 years and it was good then, I like its sound. Then later you can always get another DAW and use fruity as a vst or rewired with, in my case, cubase - i just read that

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