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    Default Crane Stand Elite - Exclusive Interview

    Hey guys

    I got the chance to have an exclusive chat with Garett Fitzpatrick from Crane about their new product, the Crane Stand Elite, which is being funded initially by a Kickstarter project.

    It's a pretty interesting move, and an interesting product, so it was cool to get the inside scoop from one of the main guys involved in it's development.

    Garett is very honest, forthright and, ahem, 'passionate' in the interview, so expect a lot of bleeps, but it is SFW.

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    Aaaaaaaaaand.... backing.
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    I don't think they need backing. They're reaching out directly to the community. The end users.
    I've had my Crane stand (pro) for more than 5 years and before that I've owned the Ubertand and the L-Stand, both of which have broken. I haven't come accross anything better built than Crane's. My stand is used and abused everyday. This new stand already had my attention since the prototype I saw a few years ago.

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