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I assume it's something in my productions. But Soundcloud will clip or cut certain sounds. I don't hear it in my WAV files and I've converted it to a lot of different MP3 formats on my end, and can't duplicate it.

I'm not spamming my stuff (it's not spam worthy..lol) But here is an example. You can hear it within the first 20 seconds, no need to hear the whole track. But the vocal "bah" part suddenly gets quiet at :15 seconds, then at other various times it goes up and down. The original file does not have that.


I've noticed this on other tracks I upload as well. Are some levels too high or something?

It seems like it's only the ones I try to master. This track I didn't really master yet, just a little limiter and it sounds fine.

Hey bud,

I had this problem too for a while until I started researching proper export techniques.

First off, as long as you're not red-lining any mixer channels (including the master) when you bounce your track you're heading in the right direction.

Second. When you bounce (export) your "final track" you should bounce (export) a wav file you can further master. This way you'll have all the elements in a single wav file which will allow you "treat" your final audio (a daunting process but it is well worth it). When you first bounce your audio file use 48k-96k 24 bit (no dithering) - [you should only apply dithering to the final bounce after you've treated the track]. Next.. Schmaster, because you probably can't afford to send your wav file off to a professional mastering engineer (http://www.djtechtools.com/2013/09/1...with-mad-zach/). This will be the final process when you bounce your file and enable "dithering 16 bit" processing. You're track should sound much cleaner now. Also pay close attention to your bass levels and ensure side-chaining is effectively used. Clipping can happen when you convert your mp3 to a lossless format as some of the bass quality can be lost causing an audible clipping sound.

Hopefully that helps!