Hello fellow DJ's, We were just asked to play a weekly show at an online syndicated radio station (mainly a hip hop station) and we of course said yes but if we could play EDM music and they agreed (oh yea!). So, now we are excited to be able to have a starting platform to showcase EDM music as well as other up and coming EDM DJ's and also talk about the underground EDM music scene. Please help with any support, opinions and of course if your sounding off with your mixes and networks reach out to us. Our goal is to build a stronger underground EDM music scene in NYC as well as online especially by showcasing the talents behind it!
We are on live @floempireradio.com on Mondays 6pm-8pm THE PRETTY HYBRID SHOW again bear with us as we are just getting started but we are hardworking, devoted and excited!
Here's a link to our first show last monday on ustream http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/41794763
and we are on instagram: prettyhybrid .
Thank you Sweetly