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    Quote Originally Posted by Nas525 View Post
    A $5 commission to get in doesn't seem to much at all.
    Do you think you can make up for lost profit? I mean I'm not sure what your missing in this point I know PA system. But for the rest of the talent is that free or will you pay for them? There's a lot of stuff that goes into this all the little things count
    Most talent will be free or very cheap (friends and myself) except I am trying to make a decent impact with the first one and get a bigger name to headline ($300-$400 I'm guessing for who I'm trying to book) but I am still waiting to hear back. If he falls through it will be a night of all friends from our DJ circle. This will also determine the price of the door. Maybe not shooting so high for the first one is a better idea?

    Quote Originally Posted by Official Alokin View Post
    And lastly have a drink special.
    They have very fair prices on everything in the bar. Beers are $3.50-$5 with cocktails ranging between $4-$7 and a $7 beer/whiskey shot combo.

    Quote Originally Posted by DJ SB View Post
    What venue?
    Que Sera in Long Beach. I have yet to hear the sound at full volume but I have a date set to hear it with their sound guy, plus am able to bring in extra if needed. Also, they are possibly redoing all of the sound at the beginning of January. Size and location wise I think it's perfect for what I'm trying to do.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sambo View Post
    Also look into setting up a camera (ala Boiler Room) so that you can upload footage of the night online, so people can get an idea of the vibe.

    Also price wise, go $5 advance, $7 on the door. You only need ten people to buy in advance and you've got the security covered, and anything else is profit for the night.

    ALSO ALSO hash out a contract with the manager for various issues, for example him cancelling, you cancelling, him changing the bar tariff, him cutting off your set, what happens in case of a fire/power cut, who's responsible for promoting the night, providing security, if there'll be any organised transport for the partygoers, all that nitty gritty.

    ALSO ALSO ALSO Do you have to have PPL in America? Here in the UK, it's a massively overlooked thing although it's dirt cheap and it covers your ass if one of your DJs drops the bass too many times and launches a CDJ into the crowd and kills one of the punters.
    As for the live stream that could definitely work later, for now I have a friend who can film a bit of it and we can edit it down for promo and a recap of the night.

    Like I said door price will be determined by who I end up booking. I will make it as cheap for everyone as possible while hopefully breaking even.

    Good advice on the rest of what you said, I will look into it.

    Thanks for the help everyone!

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    Right on, you shouldn't have to compete too much with all the LA deep / tech / house / techno nights then.

    Quality sound > All

    Good luck man!

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