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    Quote Originally Posted by funke View Post
    If that type of music is popular at your school and that is the theme, go for it. But as mentioned, be sure to throw in a good deal of top 40, or top 40 remixes. It might not even be a bad idea to have a pen and notebook out and take some requests. If you have a mic, make a little small talk here and there to interact with everyone and hype them up. After all, these are your friends.

    Usually when I do school dances I'll have a friend help me. That way one of us can go through requests and listen to the songs through headphones and make sure that they are clean before we play them. Or mark cue points on the curse words and use a filter or an effect over them when we play them.
    I totally agree with Funke. Top 40 all day and some popular clean version hip hop.

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    Don't worry to much, keep concentrated and you will rock the night for sure! I hope people will like your own selection, but be prepared if they won't!

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