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    I agree unless you have a good reason for going modular an all-in-one like the S4 would be better for learning on. Less of a pain in the ass too, no worrying about a bunch of mappings and always having a usb hub.

    And as other people have said, unless your really serious about production, like actually taking online classes and devoting more than just spare time to it, hold off on a production controller until you at least know your software options quite well. I speak from experience, production controllers will just sit around while you DJ unless your serious about committing the money required for software, plugins and samples and above all the ridiculous amounts of time it takes to actually hone a signature sound whilst still maintaining solid production values.

    If your just a passionate EDM music listener but with little to no musical background or creative direction like I was, i'd suggest holding off on production gear altogether and just focussing on your music and mixing until your really inspired to make something your own. You seem to be jumping the gun a little bit and could easily overwhelm yourself.

    One last note: Yeah stay away from Beats, they're designer brand nonsense. Go with an actual audio company that makes headphones and not fashion accessories. Pioneer or Sennheiser or something. Your ears will thank you and other DJs won't immediately disregard you.
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