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    Question How do I chase vocals using the S4 MK1?

    I went to a DJ tutorial using Serato and the Numark NS7- I just don't have money for motorized turntables, and I have the MIDI Fighter 3D so it made Traktor super attractive to me so I bought the S4 MK1 from someone using Craigslist.

    The main thing I learned at the DJ lesson was how to chase vocals using the motorized turntables by using my finger to grind against the moving turntable so the vocal transients would match the instrumental.

    I really want to be able to do this with the S4 but I can't get the track to keep playing while I adjust the jog wheel.

    Can you guys let me know how or if it's possible to chase vocals with an instrumental using the Traktor Kontrol S4??

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    I don't think so. It is quite tricky..

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    Are you using the top of the jog wheel? That will stop the track momentarily. You need to nudge the side of the jog wheel to adjust the track position. It's an art that can't just be picked up quickly and takes a lot of practice.

    Mind you, a lot of new acappellas can be beat gridded and then syncing them with an instrumental is a simple task.

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    That's a bit tricky out there..i wonder how that turns out to be..

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