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    Default Similian home studio setup

    Well I finally took the time to organize and connect everything in my studio neatly so that everything is nice and ready to be used!

    (I'm having trouble with uploading images, here is a link)

    From left to right.

    M-Audio KeyStudio 49 with foot pedal
    Novation Launchpad
    Behringer BCR2000
    2 KRK Rokit 5
    2 Mexican Dia de los muertos Skulls
    In the floor, an Edifier Subwoofer I found in my house
    MacBook Pro 13.3 -- SSD & HDD
    Korg Nanokontrol
    Edifier Amp (for the sub)
    NI Audio 8
    2 Denon DNS 1000
    Behringer DJX 750

    I've come a long way since I first bought a Nanokey just to play the synthesizers in the Ableton demo.
    This was the order I got everything.
    Nanokey--Nanokontrol--Fast Track Pro--Key Studio 49--Launchpad--KRK--BCR2000--Audio 8--Behriger DJX--Denon DNS1000

    Hope you like my humble setup, I just got the CDJs so I'm like crazy djing with CD all day!
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    Fixed your pic mate, and welcome

    P.S to embed a pic, click the pic icon at the top of the post window and paste the link there, or use the tags [image]Pic[/image]
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    How do the krk sound and do you use them also for playing music from the Djx ?

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