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    Default The relationship between a sound engineer and dj at a nightclub

    An interview that takes place at the Legendary Copacabana NYC with the in-house Sound Engineer aka "dj booth technician" on the relationship between a sound tech and djs in the booth.

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    Sorry- youtube enhanced it and it came out bad. Its reverting the video back to the original so it may come out fuzzy with the lettering off. It will take a few mintues to adjust back.

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    cool vid, that dude it totally neurotic, and I have met techs like that, but he seems to know his shit.

    Also he seems to be trying to get the dj to to the eq'ing.....NEVER EVER try to get the dj to adjust his setup, in all the clubs i have played in, there is a DEDICATED "front of house" crew that runs their own board, and will make adjustments without me knowing it. because I cant hear what it actually sounds like, but the can because they are facing me.

    Haha watch for the very end of the video....I laugh at how many times we have said that lol

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