Here's your weekly Late Night Affair! This a special edition, had gig last night and this is the full recording of my set. A number of tracks from upcoming ++ releases, so keep an eye out for them!

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And remember, it's never to late to have an affair....


Tracklisting as always,

01. Lessovsky & Cucumbers - Apologize (Flashback Remix)

02. Garnics - Fear Test (Trujillo Remix)

03. Tom Ellis - Want You (Meterius Johnson Remix)

04. Jason Bay & Mr Timms - Sugar Free

05. Dublicator - Burning Echoes (Pulshar Remake)

06. Josh Winiberg - Ce Soir

07 Florinsz Janvier - Saganaga (Some Chemistry Remix)

08. Jason Bay - The Mile High Connect

09. FCL - Itís you (Jason Bayís Late Night Affair Retouch)

10. Josh Winiberg - Awakening

11. Jan Varez - No More To See

12. Maher Daniel & Jon Charnis - Lonely Stars (Luca bacchetti Endless Remix)

13. Florinz Janvier - Saganaga (Josh Winiberg Remix)

14. Mia Wallace - On and On (Jason Bayís Late Night Affair Remix)

15. Johnathan Tena - Running Vibes (Sin3 Remix)

16. Jon Sine - Walking Down the Line (Pammin Remix Remix)