Booking gigs in Los Angeles
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    Default Booking gigs in Los Angeles

    Hey guys,

    So I have been djing for about 1.5 years now and I have done quite a few things here and there like some in store events and mostly parties, but I am finding myself kind of in a stump right now with djing. Most of the things I have done have been through friends, but I want to expand more and play at even more stores, clubs, parties etc..but my problem is I don't know how to get to do those things. I don't really have the connections and I was hoping to get on a booking agency, but the one I was really interested in emailed me back saying that their roster is full right now compared to their calendar, and that they will let me know when a spot opens up. I'm happy they even emailed me back, but I can't wait around hoping they will contact me soon. Does anyone here know of any good booking agencies in the LA area I should try to talk to? Any advice on how to get gigs that aren't through friends? Or any other advice in general? I would appreciate to hear anything! Thanks

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    Find nights which play your kind of music. Message them on facebook (or talk to them in person at one of their nights, but this isn't that easy), introduce yourself, tell them that you think you'd fit their line ups and that you'd love to get involved and ask if they'd like to hear mix and if you get a "yes", send them the most relevant mix and hope for the best. Just be nice and outgoing.

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    There are two guys on here that have played at the Avalon a few times. I forget their name.
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    If you want gigs but dont know anyone.. It seems pretty self explanitory. Go meet people. Goto the nights with people playing music you enjoy or the style you like and introduce yourself. Connections dont just happen hombre. you gotta go and make those connections and contacts.

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    Go out. Network.

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