Maschine Ableton Script Problems
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    Default Maschine Ableton Script Problems

    Hey guys,
    I recently got a Maschine controller second hand (no software or software key).
    And I wanted to create a dynamic map it to ableton lives drum racks.
    So I found a really nice script set online along with the file for controller editor. But for some reason when I initialize Ableton, and select the maschine under midi. Nothing really works. Only the pads, octave switch works.
    Macro controls don't work, nor do the transport controls. Everyone online has no difficulty installing and using the map, and I've installed it correctly according to NI's site.
    I think it has something to do with what I have selected under Ableton's MIDI tab.
    Ableton receives midi track info when I move the nonfictional knobs, so I know the controller works fine. I just can't figure out why the map isn't working for me, while everyone else is happy with it.
    Has anyone experienced this before? If so, solutions?
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    Theres this thing called "The Struggle" and its in your head, maybe look for the information in there.

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