map a modifier to change EQ based on hotcue selector state on a Traktor Z2 mixer
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    Default map a modifier to change EQ based on hotcue selector state on a Traktor Z2 mixer

    I know someone posted a mapping that does this but it was filled with tons of other features I don't need, I'm looking to just add certain things to my existing mapping. I tried digging around his mapping but there was just so much I went crazy and got lost.

    I want the EQ's to change from deck A to deck C and deck B to deck D when my cue selectors are selected as either decks (the small buttons just above the 4 hotcue buttons on either side of the Traktor Z2 mixer)

    pretty much if my hotcue selector is on A, it should be as it's factory default, if it's set to deck C, I want the EQ's and Volume Fader on that side of the mixer to correspond to deck C instead, and back to A when i switch the hotcue selector back to A... everything else would be mirrored for decks B/D on the other side

    I know how to map everything, I'm just not sure how to set a modifier to be based on the state of the hotcue selectors

    anyone help a homie out by providing some info on that little tidbit?

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    Just see what modifier values are that deck buttons triggering (possibly 0 and 1 in both modifier sides) and assign EQ to this two values. You can also find your modifier states if you look in commands for each deck in the mapping and figure out. Check your modifier value slots to display correct value

    deck a button: Modifier | type=button | mode=direct | value=0
    deck c button: Modifier | type=button | mode=direct | value=1

    EQ A is M=0
    EQ C is M=1

    That's the principal and you should use it for B/D too with your second modifier in setup. Reason I'd use negative value is mainly because my A/B decks always comes enabled ether once the mapping is loaded or in startup.

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