Pioneer CDJ-850 (x2) + DJM-250 (x1) case/bag
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    Default Pioneer CDJ-850 (x2) + DJM-250 (x1) case/bag

    I just talked to Matias @ DJTT.
    I'm looking for a case or bag to bring my CDJ-850's + DJM-250 mixer with me when I'd take them to a club or a friend.

    What are my options?
    Ive seen ppl making their own. Not sure price-wise if that's a good alternative.
    I've seen UDG and Mono, but all looks pretty expensive and not based on this particular setup.

    I'd love to see how/what u guys came up with.

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    You can use separate cases or bags for the 3 equipments, instead of finding one case or bag that will perfectly fit this combination.

    It will also make transportation easier due to lower weight and more organization flexibility.

    Nevertheless, after a quick google I've found this:

    Odyssey website seems to have a lot of options.

    I wouldn't spend my time making my own case.
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    I have cdj 850's and a DN X-1600 mixer that I gig with weekly. I have three separate road cases (2 Odyssey, 1 Marathon) for my equipment, and use a little folding luggage cart (similar to this ) to transport them all together if I'm alone. Having the separate cases makes it a lot easier to load/transport, and it's nice if I only need to bring cdj's, or only my mixer.
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