Hi all,
Ive been on this website/forums for a while now reading up on everything DJ to absorb as much information as possible but i find myself just unsure about something and wanted to ask you guys your opinions.

Ive been producing music for several years now, most of my gigs were a) premixed or b) clip launching in ableton
And now that my music is expanding a bit i find myself not comfortable with either technique for performing live. premixed is just boring and live launching is extremely hectic and gives a lot of room for mistakes and requires a ton of prep work.

I currently have no midi controllers and as i work a lot of ableton, i figured an APC40 would be my best controller choice.

So i have a producer friend of mine who suggested i should use traktor, at first i thought traktor was this intense software that you had to buy a 800$ controller just to use but he told me that i can just use the software without any controllers even but he suggested i should invest in a kontrol Z1.

Now ever since then i have been reading up alot about both controllers and here's where im hesitant.
kontrol Z1 is by default mapped to traktor to function the way it's supposed to be which will help me because im starting out and still need to get familiorised with the whole traktor DJing thing. i even thought i can get a akai LPD8 to assign for some effects like reverb delay and some other cool ones that i see traktor has pages of.

On the other hand, i'm still a producer and i do feel the need to have a midi controller with buttons and knobs for launches and effects during the creative process and this is where i feel like the apc40 will shine.

Needless to say i wish i had the funds to buy the apc40 and the Z1 (i think that would be a pretty good setup for DJing AND production) but i can't afford it.

Which controller do you guys think i would be better off using for both production and DJing? or if you have a third controller to recommend i would definitely consider and research it.

Sorry if this is a n00b question. thank you for taking time to read this. Hope to hear some feed back because I dont have any other producer/DJ friends i can go to except the one and hearing an opinion from one side you always feel like you need to confirm it or question it from other people.
Thank you.