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    I'd like NI and Numark pump out an update to the Numark 4Trak.

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    Now that Serato DJ accommodates DVS and controller support their flexibility is rather good. I can use a controller or turntables/cdjs with one application. Serato DJ also has Video expansion which is super fun. The only drawback is you still need serato DJ supported audio interfaces. I've had an SL3 box for years and it performs well combined with either my CDJ2000s in HID or 1200's timecoded. Traktor is pretty awesome with my CDJs and my DJM2000 in assigning audio channels independent of audio cabling. The only drawback was that in order for me to use timecoded vinyl I have to purchase Traktor scratch pro. Anyhow I use everything from standalone CDJs/mixer to DVS to controllers. I like using them all but, if i were to choose, I go with Serato DJ/DJM mixer/CDJs or 1200s/DDJ-SP1 serato controller. Loads of fun and possibilities with pioneer hardware mixer effects and access to Serato effects and features via the DDJ-SP1. With the DDJ-SP1 I don't need to have the screen in front of me anymore, it can be off to the side and I only need to glance at it briefly for SP6 or changing effects. Traktor is my next choice but I haven't been able to find a add on controller which suits my needs. Like Serato, Traktor software effects and features combined with pioneer hardware effects is loads of fun but the add on controllers like X1 or F1 are not suitable for me. Morever mapping or finding TSI and tweaking them to my needs got old quickly. Standalone CDJ and mixer is next because it is not as feature rich as DVS systems but it is fun nonetheless. All in one DJ controllers (Serato or Traktor) are last although I will use them if thats the only thing available at the random requests I get to DJ while at house parties. Mainly I don't like them because the surface is too tight and I have had audio qualities issues with 90% of the all in one DJ controllers I've used. This may be in part due to using professional pioneer mixers for the last 6 years. Which ever route you go is not an issue and at the end of the day its the output and the vibe that it creates that matters. However you accomplish this is your preference........ Note the DDJ-SZ is interesting and would like to play with it but I wouldn't run out and buy it. Its CDJs, Mixer, DDJ-SP1, Serato box all in one, which I already have separately.

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    Serato could put out even a star ship controller! I'd map it to Traktor agains

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