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    I also produce, dj and work with other artists leaving my headphones used every day by me then ontop of that my kid throws em around . good luck on your venture for a good set of cans.

    I still recommend the KRKS

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    Sennheiser HD-25 II. Take care of them and they'll last you a life time. Very solid build, however, if you use them for a long period of time 3/4 hours+ they can get pretty uncomfortable (for example, using them to produce a track because your monitors broke or your nans round for the weekend). I've had them for about 6 months and they are perfect IMO. Also I'm pretty sure if you have quite big ears or ridiculously small ears these will be uncomfortable.
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    I have a pair of HDJ 1500s and they are absolutely fantastic. Gives an on ear feel instead of the over-ear you get with the 2000s, but they sound quality is beyond good and some (not me...) even say its better than the 2000s. Of course HD-25 II are always good.
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    You want a headphone thats built like a tank!?

    ATH Pro700mk2
    I could attest to this too. Pro700mk2 is beast! And it also sounds much, much better than the pio2000. I actually picked up the "new sennheisers" Sennheiser HD8 DJ headphones...excited as it is supposed to be similar to the HD25 with more frequency extension on the lower end, also more comfortable.

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