Hi All,

I have been using Traktor for a few years now and continue to love it and the features it gives me when DJing.


I get the feeling Serato are making up ground in terms of user base and world wide adoption and doing so in a worrying way. Back when i first went for Traktor my decision was informed by the lack of features in serato (Effects etc) and the price difference. It seemed that I had made the right choice with Traktor making good progress on version updates/feature adding and gaining strong industry following from pro working DJ's across the world (Qbert, Shiftee, Ean Golden, Richie Hawtin and many more).

In the last 6-12ish months I have felt/seen a shift over to Serato. The main reason I can see for this is that a number of industry leaders in other areas of DJing such as Pioneer, Rane (for obvious reasons), Vestax and I am sure others seem to be supporting Serato with their hardware offerings, not Traktor.

I would guess that this is down to NI and their desire to produce their own hardware. I completely understand this and I love some of the kit that NI have come out with but it does limit the Traktor market share to those people who are will to give up a degree of hardware choice.

So i guess the discussion or point i am trying to make is, is Serato starting to push Traktor out of the picture? Will hardware makers leave Traktor alone meaning customs tsi's which may or may not play nicely with third party controllers. Are clubs going to install Serato only setups meaning a right pain in the back side when it comes to setting up for a gig using Traktor.

I just hope that either the market place is big enough for both or that Traktor push on and become industry standard.