Recommendations would be appreciated. I'm still kind of coming over to a fully digital setup, I've been DJing for about 15 years using only Vinyl, and early versions of CDJs.

Currently I have a DVS setup on Traktor with an external mixer (DJM-600).

My dream setup would be some CDJ-2000 Nexus's, but I have a mortgage to pay

Although it would be wise to get an X1, I like the idea of trying something new. I have a custom layout on an ipad midi app but it's a bit messy to use on the fly - I miss the old days of running an accapella on the third deck then using the loop recorder on the mixer. I'm guessing this is really simple on a 4 channel controller?

Can the controllers also be used as an external mixer? Every so often I like to do a "all real vinyl" set.