How long does it take for threads to be approved?
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    Default How long does it take for threads to be approved?

    Just wondering, how long does it usually take before a thread in buy/sell gets approved?

    I tried to post one about a week ago, and a different one today.


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    I just approved your Sale thread. I did not approve the other thread.
    The Buy & Sell subforum is for the buying or selling of items/goods not 'services' and definitely not services offered by people who have no presence on the forum.

    No worries.

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    I'm kind of in the same boat. I'm not asking anybody to hurry up with the approval, I simply want to know wether it has been approved and if it doesn't wether I get any notification about it.

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    As long as you have followed the rules, your posts should be approved as and when the mods/admins and such ^ check through it.
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    I was thinking the same, I have submitted 2 Buy/Sell Posts. I feel bad for submitting a follow up thread to the Mods, and I know the Mods do a great job I just need to sell some gear.
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