Hey all,

I'm a final year student at Leeds University studying music and am doing a project on a new trend in dedicated USB/Midi instruments (Including Decks) and why they're being developed to reduce our dependence on the laptop screen during production and performance?

I've got a short list of equipment that I'm focusing upon:
Akai Renaissance
Ableton Push
Akai Studio
Livid instruments
The emulator
Pioneer DJM 2000 Nexus
M-audio trigger finger

Would be extremely grateful for any pointers towards other equipment out there which is focused on workflow external to a DAW. Also, any people with experience with any of these instruments who could give me a bit of an idea to how you work with them?

Thanks in advance and just to note I may use some of the replies in my diss, which I will notify you of prior to my submission.

Stuart Mellor
BA Music -University of Leeds