connect 2 laptops on a cdj 900
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    Default connect 2 laptops on a cdj 900

    hello how can we connect two laptops on cdjs 900 so that 2 djs can dj by not changing the cables everytime?

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    One DJ uses the output of each turntable as his master out and mixes internally.

    Hopefully you have a midi enabled mixer or that's going to be an issue.

    It could also be done if you have separate USB hubs by changing the USB cables going into the cdjs over one at a time. You'll still have a change a few cables, but only two.

    My only worry there is that you'd need to be using them as an aggregate sound card and I'm not totally sure what happens if you disconnect one the devices in an aggregate. Possibly nothing, possibly total sound drop.
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    No need for switching cables or using soundcards. Connect both computers to the CDJs using an ethernet hub (Rekordbox), and you're done.

    You can also combine one computer using Rekordbox over Ethernet and another using Serato/Traktor/etc over USB without switching any cables or having sound dropouts.
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