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    Hey Guys,

    So this is my first time purchasing top of the line equipment for DJing and producing. I have a deal in the works right now and am buying from craigslist, I would like if some of you could give some helpful advice because I would obviously rather have one of you who is experienced give his/her insight rather than me make a dumb decision and throw my money away. Here is what the seller is offering:

    Traktor with Audio 10 Interface
    2 timecoded vinyls
    Traktor X1 Kontrol
    Traktor F1 Kontrol
    Allen & Heath Xone 92 Mixer
    Boss DDR7 Digital Delay pedal
    2 KRK Rokit 5 monitors

    He threw $2,000 at me first and I immediately denied and went down to $1,500. I'm second guessing myself now because I think I can go lower. The stuff is quality but I mean I'm buying off of craigslist, could be sketchy. He also said the gear is about 2 years old and has none of the boxes or anything for it, which made me think it over again.

    Let me know if you think $1,500 is a solid offer for the gear or if I should go a bit lower. Thanks for the help all!


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    if he´s willing to let it go for $1,500 you´d have a great deal. make sure to check if everything is working just fine. also check if he will throw in the Traktor Scratch Pro Serial as well.
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    Pretty sure the Xone 92 is worth almost $1500 on its own isn't it?
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    Wow what a steal

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    check to see if the a10 will come with a licensed copy of traktor but even without the software i would say this is a great deal IF everything is working fine.
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